Step to install Esys Plus3.8
1. Install e-sys 3.35.3.
2. Install e-sys plus3.8.1.
3. Run e-sys for first time, and then close it.
4. Run e-sys plus, add the e-sys shortcut and then “launch e-esys”.
5. Copy all files in “keygen” forder to the installation location of e-sys plus.
6. Run HardwareID38.exe and copy the request code and afterward close table.
7. Run EsysPlus38KeyGen.exe and paste the request code on last step.
8. Run Gz.exe, Done!

pass =  Mastery_Plus22!Ati-VTiWiI3ciC866Vy_zq-SEif8?e=uKdYJo

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